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Body Alignment and Postural Assesment
  Pre and Post Event Massage
  Bodytox Detox

Full Body Massage

This wonderfully relaxing treatment is a treat at any time, with a therapeutic massage the stresses and strains of the day can easily be ironed out.

This is a 45 minute treatment including legs, arms, back, neck and shoulders.


Back Massage

If you don’t quite have enough time to fit in the Full Body Massage, then the Back Massage, which concentrates on the back, neck & shoulders, is the treatment for you. This treatment is equally as relaxing as the full body and perfect for those who spend hours at a time at the wheel.


Leg Conditioning Treatment

With this course of 6 treatments, combined with a personal exercise plan and nutrition tips, you can help to banish cellulite and lose inches from your thighs.

The regular massage improves blood flow to the area and helps to remove the build up of toxins around the thigh and buttock area, thus improving appearance.

Not only will your legs look better, but that tired aching feeling will be gone.