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Injury Clinic

Injury can happen at any time & when we least expects it– such as when we are driving, keeping fit, gardening or even just doing a bit of DIY…

We tend to take our body’s for granted and usually ignore most aches and pains, however, if an injury is not dealt with correctly at the outset, there is a risk that it could develop into something far more serious.

…for instance, if you have ever suffered whiplash and done nothing about it, you may find that you now suffer with a soreness and tension around your upper back and neck – this is because when the injured muscle tissue knitted back together they didn’t knit straight and you now have reduced flexibility and movement in that area. Remedial massage will help to iron out those injured muscles and improve flexibility, therefore reducing the soreness and headaches you may have been suffering from.

The injury clinic provides a full injury assessment, treatment programme, rehabilitation and aftercare advice.